Youtube channel “promo” re-done

I’m not sure if “Promo” is the correct term , I have re recorded my way forward video and I see it as a sort of “mission statement” for my you tube channel.

I’ve also put it on Twitch but I think it only stays for 60 days before being deleted, something I need to look into.

It’s sort of rehash of the last couple of posts I made here with some background information as well, it’s just there to give people an idea of what’s on the channel and what’s going to be on there, I suspect a very eclkectic mix of stuff.

My timeline is to get really familiar with the software before I start a regular schedule, I’ll be using OBS Studio to stream with and that takes a bit of learning and as I go I will be making some “how to” videos because if I am struggling with some aspects of OBS Studio I am sure others are as well and if I can make a video that helps them then I’ll be happy.

One thing I had decided to do was to “ad lib” this video. I could have done a “pro” job with scripting, storyboarding, smooth transitions and titles but that’s not what live streaming is about, it is about ad libbing so I did this in one take and ad libbed.

Anyway, that’s the game plan, laters.

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