Youngs Harvest Pilsner

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Tonight’s drinking is a Lager, well Pilsner to be more precise. This was a Youngs Harvest Pilsner kit, A single can kit and this mwas pressure fermented in the Fermzilla back in December 2019.

From the Fermzilla I transferred into a Corny keg but racked a couple of bottles off at the same time. Why do I do this? simples! you can’t actually see inside a corny unless your pour a beer but with clear PET bottles I can instantly if the beer has cleared or not.

I left it for 4 weeks the tried it, I really didn’t like it very much and considered this to be my first fail, it didn’t taste like a pils, in fact it didn’t really taste of anything, undaunted ny this me and me mate necked it back.

Looking round for something to drink tonight I spotted a bottle in the corner, my last bottle of this in fact so I stuck it in the fridge to chill for a few hours.

Opened it up while ago, nicely carbed with just the right amount of fizz and crystal clear so I thought it might have been better now it’s matured.

Nope still tasteless, but now it’s cold, fizzy and tasteless. TBH the only time I have ever had a decent brew from a single can kit is with the Coopers kits. maybe I did something wrong? I doubt it, it’s very hard to screw up a beer, all in all not a good beer for me and a brewing fail, I won’t be doing this kit again.

Steve Woodmore

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