Woodforde’s Bure Gold

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Bure Gold

I started this brew at the end of Jan, this was a 2 can 3kg kit meaning I didn’t need to add fermentables. it also came with 50g of Citra and 50g of Amarillo hop pellets to “dry hop” with and adding the bottled water to 20l and the yeast I shut the lid of the FV and let it get on with it.

Day 5 I dry hopped with both hops and the full amount, day 13 was the third day in a row I had the same hydrometer reading, that’s it, it’s done time to rack into a keg.

This one I racked into one of my 19L corny kegs as I still had some Wherry in the barrel, I added isinglass finings and 130g of brewing sugar, sealed it and left it.

Today, just over 6 weeks later I connected the gas to the keg and made my first pour which was to get rid of the sediment in the tubes, 1/2l and it ran clear.

Time for the first glass, poured smoothly with a smashing head and the aroma of the hops was quite noticable, so I had a sip.

OMG!!! OMG!!! OMGoddddddd!! My tongue experienced it’s first ever orgasm.

A lovely amber colour crystal clear and the taste, OMG the taste, wow!!!
This! this is what it’s all about, this is ale, this is how it should be, there isn’t a commercial ale that even comes close to this, the hop taste is amazing without being too bitter and what’s more it’s 4.8% ABV

I really, really don’t have the words to describe this beer, this is without any shadow of a doubt the best beer i have ever brewed


Steve Woodmore

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