Who knew?

Who knew there was such a thing as prescription swimming goggles? I didn’t, well not until last week anyway.

Last Friday I was just finishing my swim and I happened to mention to the lifeguard at the side of the pool that without my glasses I struggled to see the notice board matrix at the other end of the pool and he said “Why don’t you get some prescription goggles then?”  at first I thought he might have been taking the piss but he told me that quite a few of the lap swimmers use them which is how he knows that they are a “thing”.

I got home and did a quick google search and found a company that will make them for you Goggleyed

All they need is your prescription and they cost £17.50 + £3.99 postage for a pair.

I phoned my optician and asked them if they would email me my prescription and they said they would and also asked why I wanted it, I told them the reason and they said “Oh, we do those as well, £17.66 per pair” sorted, I ordered them from my optician on Monday and they arrived there for me to collect today, Thursday.

swimming from now on is going to be so much easier.

The cost is comparable with “off the shelf” goggles on Amazon and even cheaper than some of the higher end ones.

£17.66 for prescription googles that are also anti-fog and UV protection coated is a very good price.

Who knew? really? did you know?

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