Can a man with two incurable diseases go in a pandemic? I have a lung condition which is incurable and I have a cancer which is incurable.

I am confined to a wheelchair. Where exactly could I go in this pandemic except hospital or home?

So it also makes me laugh when I turn up at hospital for my chemo sessions and they do whst is called “CDU screening” they precheck I am safe to go into the chemotherapy suite and I’m free of covid-19.

The questions I get asked are if I had any ibuprofen or paracetamol? Have I been around anybody with covid-19? Have I been anywhere in the last 7-days,?

like I said where exactly can a man with an incurable lung condition in a wheelchair go during a pandemic? the answer is no, I only ever go home-hospital-home.

So here I am once again waiting outside the chemotherapy suite at the Princess royal university Hospital. Today isn’t a chemotherapy day I only have chemotherapy once every 4 weeks now, today is PICC maintenance day.

PICC stands for peripherally inserted central catheter. it’s a permanent line I have fitted in my arm that goes through the vein runs through my armpit and then into the vein that leads towards my heart so they can deliver the drug straight into my central venous system. however the wound or the entrance has to be cleaned weekly and the dressing changed weekly I have to come to hospital to do that because it’s a very specialised procedure which is why I’m here now.

Steve Woodmore

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