What a Grind

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“Later jobs” yeah, them jobs you were always being nagged about and you always replied “Yeah later” well them jobs 😐

2 “later” jobs I have been meaning to for a couple of months ( alright 8 years🤣 ) is I have 2 heavy duty motorcycle lock and chains locked to post in the garden fopr which we cannot find the keys.
I gave up motorcycling 8 years ago so that’s how long this has been a “later” job

Anyway, not being allowed out out, the garden is just out, outside the garden is out out I decided I would tackle these jobs.
Took me all afternoon to do just 2 simple jobs between my arthritis and my breathing issues.

Finally the first one is done, they did claim that chain was hardened and could withstand an angle grinder for a while, they weren’t wrong.
Now for the other one.

THat also took some getting through but finally made it, now I can see how the clamp is attached to the concrete, I seemed to recall it was rawlbolts, which was handy cos then all I needed to do was to grind the heads off to remove the clamp… Wrong, it wasn’t rawlbolts, it’s recessed rawl screws.

That means really hard work because I have to grind the metal down to below the head of the screw before I can get a wrecking bar to lever the clamp off, oh well I am shattered now, that’s enough for today.

Steve Woodmore

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