Weening from Steroids

Starting today I am starting “weening” off steroids, I have been on them since January, 20mg daily.

I haven’t had many side effects like ‘roid rage, I have had one, increased appetite and since Jan I have put on 10Kg :O.

Fat Woody

The wind down is going to be slow and controlled because if I stop suddenly or don’t ween down slowly enough my adrenal gland could crash. For the next 4 weeks i am using a 15Mg 10Mg step down, every other day, so 15Mg one day, 10Mg the next day and 15Mg the day after etc.

I did try to come off them a few months back however once I hit the 15Mg level the splenic pain increased so I had to back to 30Mg and then come down to a level which controlled the pain, turned out to be 20Mg because as soon as I went to 15Mg the pain started.

Catch 22

The last time I tried this it was a choice, suffer the pain or gain weight. Catch 22, either aren’t good for me.

I know I can lose weight by dieting, which I have dione before the steroids, in fact I got down to 84Kg in Jan 22 from a high of 124Kg in Sept 21. But I wasn’t on steroids then and believe me they really do affect your appetite, you just cannot ignore hunger pangs, if you try they get uncomfortable so you eat, even diet food you eat excessive amounts of.

Wish me luck.

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