Weekly weigh-in 15/10/21

Weigh in 15/10.

Time to weigh myself this week to see how I am doing on my diet.

The first week I lost almost 7kg the next week almost 5kg and my aim was to slow down the rate of loss to a comfortable 1-2kg’s per week.

Last week my weight was 91.7kg.

I am exactly where I want to be with my weight, losing between 1-2kg’s per week from now on.

The first couple of weeks showed considerably loss but that’s because of 2 factors the first being a massive paradigm shift in my eating/drinking habits with things like cutting out alcohol completely except for a couple of bottles one night a week.
Cutting out white bread and reducing fats like cheese and butter as well as eating much leaner meats with more chicken.

The second factor was exercise, I can’t do very much but walking just 30m 5-6 times a day on my treadmill seemed to be helping the weight come off because before I was completely sedentary.

I have also started swimming again, like the walking I can’t do very much but what I am doing is exercising all over and again compared to doing nothing and no exercise as I was before it’s a bonus.

I am still obese but not I am right on the edge and I am very happy that everything is moving in the direction I want it to go and at the pace I want it to go at.

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