We have moved

You may or may not have noticed that on Friday evening this site went offline and didn’t come back online until the following Monday morning.

This was quite deliberate and the reason for this is that we have moved this site from a “shared hosting” server to a VPS, Virtual Private Server.

There were several reason for the move the first and foremost was sipped sand hopefully this will speed the site up a lot, the 2nd reason was control, you have far more control over what you can and can’t do with a wordpress website on a VPS


The move however wasn’t without problems, how could it not be?, this is me, if I can fuck it up then I will fuck it that’s a given.

The first problem I had was that before I could deploy the back up onto the new server I had to have wordpress installed, I installed it but I didn’t instal it in the correct directory and it took 2 calls to my hosts technical support before we worked out what the issue was.

Then when it started uploading from the back it reported it was going to take 15 hours, fuck that, I went to bed and figured I would worry about it Sunday morning.

Got up Sunday and checked Website to be met with a whole host of errors about insecure site and invalid certificate.

Turns out the SSL certificate of the shared hosting can’t be moved across to the VPS so I had to get an new one, which i duly did then uploaded it to google domains and was told it might take 12 hours to propagate so i thought I would let it get on with it and check it again on Monday morning.

Well the morning came, I checked the website, it was all there and it was all working which really, really surprised me as I had expected something, anything else to be broken.

But no, like I said all there and all working. I went over it with a fine tooth comb to try and find something broken but I couldn’t so I decided to make it live, so here we are, all working after moving servers.

Yay go me.

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