They are all doing my head in lol.

This website isn’t running as fast as would like it to so I have decided to move it onto a VPS (Virtual Private server)

It’s currently on a shared hosting package where I am sharing the resources with loads of other people but on a VPS the resources should be all mine which will speed things up considerably I hope.

This is just the start of my headache, I did run a website before on a dedicated server and it took ages to get it all running and keep it all running smoothly I basically had to learn servers from the bottom up.

That was over 15 years ago and I have forgotten more than I remember, I have been struggling away with this for 2 days and have only just got it to the stage where I can actually get wordpress installed.

I have had to pissball about with DNS records, SSL’s and FTP’s for over 2 days trying to get it all running.


I also purchased a domain name as well and pointed it at the new server, that took 24hrs to propagate before it worked.
I struggled a bit to get an SSL certificate working on the server but I got there in the end and finally after a clean instal of WordPress it’s all up and running with no “insecure website” warnings.

All I am going to do now is pend the next month testing it and trying out all sorts of stuff and once I am happy I will move this main website across to it.

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