Vegetarian day

I appear to have had a vegetarian day

This wasn’t by design, well part of it wasn’t anyway. My brunch was a couple of slices of cheese, Emmental, on toast, both items marked as suitable for vegetarians on the packet.


My partner cooked what I thought was a spag bol this evening and I sat down to eat and thought it was very nice and only after I asked her what meat it was did she say “There isn’t any meat in it” Hmmm… I think she wasn’t going to tell me beforehand about that as she knows I really love my red meat.

It was however very tasty and very vegetarian.


Or whatever my last meal of the day now this one was by design deliberately vegetarian.

A friend started a post on Facebook about the new McDonalds McPlant burger and the thread wandered off onto vegetarian foods in general and how this new burger was made from “Beyond burgers” a new pea protein thing.

Those of them that had tried this new meat substitute were impressed so what the hell I thought I would also give this new burger a tray as well. The is my reaction to it.

Red meat and chemotherapy

I am back on Chemotherapy again and somehow over the years I had gotten it into my head that you shouldn’t be eating red meat on if you are on Chemotherapy. This only restarted last week so it was completely coincidental that my friend started his Facebook thread at the same time I was thinking about reducing my red meat consumption.

For the writing of this article I did some research, well a quick flick through Google results anyway, and it turns out my impression was wrong, some say eat red meat others don’t, this “advice” comes from lay experts all the way up to top medical professionals, it’s about evenly split.

Given that it was 50/50 for red meat I went to the website for my NHS trust and they actually advise increasing my protein intake which includes red meat during Chemo, they did stress thoroughly cooked red meat though, ok I can live with that.

So it seems from somewhere, probably from seeing someone talking complete bollocks on Facebook ( nothing unusual there) I had the idea that I shouldn’t eat red meat during chemo and it turns out that actually I can.

All that said, I will be getting this burger again because of it’s dietary value, Meat burgers are fat ridden and they are OTT in calories, this however was a very nice burger to eat, very tasty indeed and better for my diet than a real meat one.

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