I see that the press is starting to turn on E-cigs now, lots of horror stories out there about people who have allegedly been made seriously ill or even died from vaping.

I know that some people have been adding cannabis to their vape or pother drugs, so of course problems are going to happen there.
However I can’t help but wonder if these “cloud chasers” the people who blow massive clouds of smoke are causing themselves problems? I mean all that vape is actually replacing the air that your lungs need, so surely it can’t be that good for you? I guess that just like smoking it will be 20-30 years in the future before we really know.

Oh and on a final note, guys, you know when you stand outside a pub vaping and trying to look all “hard” well what lets you down is when people walk past and you smell of strawberry cheesecake.

Steve Woodmore

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