Universal Credit uplift

A train wreck about to happen.

This post is time limited, it’s Sept 26 2021 and on the 31st will be the last day that people on Universal credit will receive the £20/week covid-19 “uplift” payment.
Because UC is paid monthly this equates to £86/month for people.

I stopped working just after this uplift was added to UC so in my case I have only ever had this uplift as I started my UC claim after it was added.

The government are stopping this payment from October 2021 claiming it’s no longer needed.

However because of covid we have some serious issues including a shortage of HGV drivers meaning less goods in the shops and prices of goods in shops increasing.
Gas and electricity prices are also increasing and at the time of writing we appear to be suffering a fuel shortage with fuel prices also rising.

So costs are going up and I am about get nearly 20% of my income taken away from me and I am only but one of millions of people in this position.

The idiot politician Therese Coffey said this wasn’t an issue because all UC claimants had to do was to work an additional 2 hours to make back the £20 they are taking.
Well that’s not right because for every £1 extra we earn over our limit UC takes back 67p so in effect that 2 hours is actually nearer 10 hours people will have to work to get back to where they were.

That’s great if you are working or you are able to get a job, but what if you can’t? the reason I gave up work is because I can’t do it, I have both cancer (follicular lymphoma) and bronchiectasis, either of these incurable and chronic diseases on their own is enough, I am chemotherapy for my cancer meaning I am immunocompromised, I am at extreme risk of catching all sorts of infections which I cannot fight off so I have to stay away from people. My bronchiectasis means any at all brings me out in a coughing fit and makes me sweat like a pig, I can’t even walk more than 20m without needing a wheelchair, so you tell me what jobs can I possibly do? I can’t work these extra hours yet I am facing upwardly spirally costs and a cut of nearly 20% in my income, like I said a train wreck is coming unless the government back pedal and stop the removal of this uplift.


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