Ubering and child safety

Passengers and their crazy ideas of child safety. What is wrong with some people, don’t they love their children? I have lost count the number of times per day I say “Can you put the child’s belt on please”

The law on this is actually quite simple, as the driver I am only responsible for children between the ages of 3 and 14 wearing restraints.

The rules differ between Private vehicles and PHV’s but only when I am carrying fare paying passengers, if I am not then the private car rules apply. Private cars all children up to the age of 12 MUST be in the correct type of restraint for their age, up the age of 3 the correct type of car seat over 3 to 12 the correct type of booster seat or child seat and obviously restrained by a belt for all types.

The rules for PHV differ because of practicalities, we can’t reasonably be expected to have every type of seat/restraint available for passengers to use, where would you keep them all? Passenger journeys are mostly unplanned so again it would be impractical for people to carry a restraint around everywhere on the off chance.

So, for me, any child I think is between 3 and 14 if they aren’t restrained I ask the adults to ensure that they are. The fact I actually have to even ask them makes me wonder if they love their children? they seem quite happy to allow little 6 yr old johnny to have free rang in the back of the car, do they not realise if I have to break suddenly their child becomes like an unguided missile? An unrestrained child in the rear could actually be thrown through the front windscreen in an accident.

The parents on occasion actually have a go at me for even asking “what’s it got to do with you if my child has a belt on?” “you’re a Taxi, they don’t have to wear belts” etc etc.. eventually they acquiesce and belt their child up. Some even ask if they need to wear a belt..D’oH! yes they do it’s the law but if they are over 14 it’s not my responsibility that they wear a belt, it’s theirs, and my head restraint is adjusted so that if they do come flying forward they won’t give me a concussion.

Even when they acquiesce some do the most bizarre and crazily dangerous thing, they put the child on their lap and then put the belt around the child.

These people cannot possibly be right in the head! do they not realise that hard breaking means that their body weight will crush the child against the seatbelt? and when you tell them that they can’t travel like that then they really get annoyed at me, I have actually had people cancel the ride and tell me they are going to get an Uber driver that allows them to do this or not wear a seatbelt.
I even had one woman tell me once after I explained the dangers of doing this “well don’t have any accidents then and it won’t happen”

It’s almost like for some there is this magic invisible shield that protects them in a PHV and we won’t ever have accidents, crazy, crazy people.

Steve Woodmore

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