Uber moans

I need to have a moan about some of the things passengers have done this week.
This of course won’t make any difference at all to the way people act in the future but it does allow me to get it off of my chest and feel a little better for it.

I am deaf, I really am, the diagnosis I have is “profound hearing loss” the app warns passengers “Your driver may be deaf or hard of hearing” I have signs in my car warning people I am deaf and I wear a badge around my neck telling people I am deaf. doesn’t so any good though I had one frogfingering turdburgler give me a 1 star rating because I thought he said “1st house from the end” and when I stopped I said “Is this OK?” he said “no, not really, are you deaf or something, I told you 3rd house from the end” I said “yes, yes I am deaf” to which he replied “You sarcastic cunt” and slammed the door as he got out.


When 2 guys get in my car, rabbiting 19 to the dozen, jerky movements and constantly changing the conversation topic then I know you are on something, probably crack or speed, guys you don’t look clever, you look and sound really sad and pathetic and I can’t believe you actually spent money to take shit that makes you act like that, what a waste of money and what a waste of your lives.

Driver Destinations.

OK Uber I give up because I cannot for the life of me work out that if I am in Thornton Heath and I set the “Driver destination” for Chislehurst, then how exactly is a job going from Mitcham to City airport on my way? FFS City airport is on the north side of the river, both Thornton Heath and Chislehurst are south side, you gave me a job going in exactly the opposite direction to where I needed to be, how the actual fuck does that work then?

Steve Woodmore

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