I find gardening really hard work and ours is like a jungle, I do have a petrol strimmer but I really struggle to even start it.I have a cordless strimmer but that’s really only any good for trimming the grass.

All the “brushcutters” I have seen which I would need for my jungle have been petrol so that’s not good to me at all.

I couldn’t find a mains corded one and the cordless ones are only for light brush, not the jungle I have.

Then I found a B&Q corded 1000w strimmer that takes a 3mm line (most take 1mm or 1.5mm and the thickness of the line tells how how ‘meaty’ the strimmer is)

Geez this thing goes through my jungle like a hot knife through butter, it’s fantastic, only issue is that since I got it it’s rained almost every day meaning I can’t use it 😭🤣

I have since found out that B&Q actually do a corded brushcutter as well but I have this one now, so it will do.

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