Today is not a good day

Today yet another friend of mine has died from cancer.

I am now losing a friend a year to this horrible disease.

I run a facebook group U.K. Dash Cam Footage Rik was a member of the admin team, this Is what I posted in the group today

It is with deep sadness that I announce the passing of one of the admin team.


Rik was absolutely (as we all were) gobsmacked when out of the blue on 8th May he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and after a very short battle he passed away peacefully in a hospice today 11th June 2021.Rik didn’t post that much but as a moderator he was an active member of the team.He helped keep this group a safe space for people to post in and for that we are all grateful.Rik leaves behind a wife and two small children. He didn’t get married and start a family until he was in his late 50s but I can tell you he absolutely loved and doted on his girls and all he has been sad about this last 4 weeks was that he was never going to see his girls grow up.I first met Rik about 18 years ago. We met in a group, not on facebook group but an eBay group; the eBay PowerSeller’s group. This was an official group run by eBay for sellers that had reached the then exalted level of PowerSeller.Rik was good as a moderator in our group because if I am honest he was a poacher turned gamekeeper and he had been banned from the eBay boards for calling eBay members of staff “whorebags”, in fact he called everyone “whorebags”, but he could spot a fellow disruptive poster from a mile off and deal with them accordingly.He also served several spells in facebook gaol for various posting offences and like everything in life he thought that was hilarious and that all facebook staff were “whorebags”.This group’s admin team sometimes get together and video-conference to discuss various group related issues, the only time Rik would join in was when he was on the toilet, seriously, he would be taking a shit and video-conference at the same time which was pretty surreal but as funny as hell.Rik would regale us with the stories and the posts he made on facebook about his dogs, Denzil and Murphy Jones, he loved them and before his girls they were his life but he absolutely hated dog shit on the pavements and people who wouldn’t clear up after their dogs.Rik was also very active in his local community supporting lots of local initiatives, he lived in Cornwall however he was born and bred in St Albans and every year would bitch about the “Emmets” coming down and blocking Cornwall up even though he wasn’t a “Emmet” himself.His house overlooked the A30 the main road into Cornwall and every summer he would take pictures of the traffic jams on the A30 and post them on facebook moaning about “Emments”. If you had only recent met him you would have thought he was Cornwall born and bred.He also did his bit for Queen and country and served in the army and I am sure some of his army friends have some great stories to tell as well. Rik, you were a true character. It was a pleasure to have known you and you will be sorely missed.

We are now doing a fund raiser for his family please help, if you can’t donate please share the gofundme page.

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