To be or not be

Steve Woodmore or Stephen Woodmore

This is the question

My birth name is Stephen but from the earliest age I can remember I preferred to call myself Steve. In fact my partner Siân only knows me as Steve.
At 18 I got the name Steve tattooed on my arm and only a few hours ago had that tattoo covered.

Anyway in my now later life this has caused an issue, every official document like passport, driving licence, National Insurance number, NHS number, bank card, credit cards and all my ID are all in the the name of Stephen and everyone offical like Doctors etc always address me as Stephen.
I have had a lifetime of saying to people “Please call me Steve” and now because of my conditions I am more involved in the NHS than I have ever been I have given up trying to be Steve and have just rolled with them calling me Stephen.

So the other day I was pissing about on Facebook and I changed my name to Stephen to see how it would look, what I didn’t realise is that I couldn’t change it back for 60 days???? So right now all my friends now see me as Stephen so what should I do? after the 60 days is up?

So lets see what others think.

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