This town—-Is coming like a ghost town


COVID-19 has turned the village I live into a ghost town.

The high St and Prickend pond on Sunday 12th April 2020, temp 24c, any other year this place would be heaving with people.

Even driving through the village you can see the difference.

Throughout recorded history there have been some defining “greats” that have changed our way of life forever.

The Great Plague

The Great Fire

The Great Famine

The great war


Most people who lived through those moments didn’t really grasp that it was a defining moment in history so whilst they were recorded they were never archived from a “street level”.

I know it may not seem like it to you but are are actually living through one of those moments right now.

History will probably name it

The Great Lockdown

The Great Pandemic

Or similar, me? I call it:

The Great Reboot

Because that’s exactly what we are doing – shutting down society to reboot it and when it’s finished “booting”

A whole new way of life will be happening. This really is that defining a moment in world history and what’s more here we are living it right now, we are living through a moment in history that will be in perpetuity.

This is a very unique time and once it’s gone we can’t get it back, so please for the sake of the future post your ordinary trips where nothing happens at all on your way to and from work. People in the future will want to see this. They will because I bet you’ve googled your town or city to see what it was like in the past.

Steve Woodmore

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