The Woody diet

Losing weight my way.

I am 168cm tall my “ideal” weight should be around 72KG. October 2019 my weight was 76.8KG so I wasn’t too far far where I should have been.


Sept 2021 I was admitted to hospital and they weighed me and I got the shock of my life, I weighed 103KG

103KG!!! to say I was fucking shocked was an understatement. 103KG, that means in 2 years I had increased my body weight by a third, 26.7KG that is an massive weight gain and given that I am only 168cm tall it put me into the obese category

How the hell did that happen?

Simple really we had a pandemic, this caused me to stop working and then my cancer came back at the start of 2020 meaning I became very sedentary and did virtually no exercise.
At the same time my alcohol and junk food consumption increased drastically, especially the alcohol, I was drinking at least 2 cans every night sometimes 3-4 cans A can of beer is 1.7 units so I was drinking at least 24 units of alcohol a week which is 10 units above what they suggest is a safe amount to drink.
beer (alcohol) is “empty calories” it’s not turned into energy like cabs are all it does is add to your weight.

Junk food. Kebabs, McDonalds, Fried Chicken, Fish n chips I would have at least 2 of these each week, combine that, my alcohol intake and my lack of movement and my weight was only ever going to go one place. UP. and it did, it did it in droves, nearly 30KG in 2 years, wow that makes me a really fat fucker.

How to lose it.

I’ve looked at all the diets out there and you know what? none of them appeal to me in the slightest so I am going top try this my way which involves a massive paradigm shift in my habits. So 10 days ago I started the Woody diet.

I drastically cut back my alcohol consumption a few weeks before the weight shock as the Dr’s said my liver was larger than normal so since the 1st of Sept I am only drinking once a week when my mate comes round and 2 cans maximum, it’s been a month now and my total consumption for the last 30 days has been 12 units.

The last 10 days has seen all the following happen, no more junk food except once a week and then in moderation.

All drinks and sweets are now sugar free, I hardly ever drank water it was always beer, squash or fizzy drinks, now I make sure I have a glass of water on my desk at all times and drink a glass before each meal so I am consuming between 2-3ltrs per day.
Coffee changed to decaf, white bread changed to wholegrain brown, butter, no change except I will be using a lot less of it, once a week the other half would buy me a pack of 6 crumpets which I would eat for breakfast that day smothered in butter, now I eat just 2 for breakfast with only a thin smear of butter on them and from tomorrow my breakfast will either be 2 slices of wholemeal toast very thinly buttered or unsweetened cereal with semi skimmed milk.

Lastly exercise, my illnesses prevents me from exercising “properly” something like walking round the block is totally out of the question as I can’t walk any more than about 30m without getting totally exhausted.
What I do however have is 2 gadgets, I have a treadmill and I have an E-Bike. The plan is simple, I have set myself a target of 5,000 steps each day and by using the treadmill little and often I am doing it without making myself out of breath, so far I have managed to hit this target just once as it’s hard going but I am aiming to do this every day and at least once a week to ride my bike around the village, being an E-Bike the motor does all the work and it requires very little effort from me but it still give me more exercise than I was getting before.

The last change is to simply eat less, before at mealtimes I would clear my plate, now I am eating until I feel full and stopping, also drinking a glass of water before eating sort of fills me up a bit so i want to eat less anyway.

Is it working?

103KG 14 days ago to 95.4KG yesterday, that’s a weight loss of 7.6KG and just by making some lifestyle changes. I suspect this rate of loss isn’t sustainable and I am expecting or rather hoping to achieve between 3-5kg each week using my methods.
I will post updates, I read somewhere that you shouldn’t weigh yourself daily as the fluctuations can give a lase picture so I am not yet sure if I will update this daily, every other day or weekly yet.

What I will say it I am very happy with the results so far.

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