The Woody diet week 8 weigh in

In my head I was expecting a bit of a weight gain.

But no, once again the weigh in surprised me.

Down to 86Kg
86Kg weight

86Kg that’s a et loss of around 1.6Kg since last week.

Probably still too much I am trying to slow it down to a loss of around 1Kg per week, but I’ll accept 1.6Kg as a win.

I am now at the stage of discovering just how much I can eat and drink it week and still maintain a loss, the reason I felt this week I might have made some gains is that last weekend I went to the opening of a friends shop, a doughnut shop FFS and well you just have sample the merchandise don’t you.

Then on Sunday we went out to meet a friend who works in a pub and we said we would have Sunday dinner there. so I ordered a beef and turkey duo roast dinner.

OMG! the size of the portion that turned up :O

Sunday Lunch

I didn’t think I was going to eat all of that and the the sides arrived, you can see them top left and I just thought that was way too much food for me.

But I ate it, all of it then I went for a dessert, not a low cal one but sticky toffee pudding with custard and I finished that off as well.

I washed this all down with a pint of beer as well, I guesstimate maybe 6-7000 calories for the whole meal.

The rest of the week I have been pretty much eating my “normal” foods but in smaller portions than pre-diet

Tuesday night I had a fired chicken takeaway for Morley’s, which was a hopper meal and fires, with a regular portion of popcorn chicken, and all washed down with 2 beers.

In fact I have also had beers on Weds Night and Thurs night because my discovery this week is that if i come in under my 1300 calories each day I can afford to have a beer that night, just the one though because they are between 100-200 calories per bottle.

So with all that extra high calorie food consumed in the earlier part of the week and the extra beers I have drunk I actually thought I might have put weight on.

On the other side of the coin I have been swimming 3 times this week instead of the usual 2 and each time I have cycled to the leisure centre so maybe I have burnt off all the extra calories that way.

Anyway 1.6Kg I am happy with and for the next week I am aiming for just 1Kg loss, so until next week..

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