The Woody Diet Week 12

I didn’t expect much this report.

If you have been following my diet adventure you will know that I seemed to reach a plateau of 87Kg and couldn’t get any lower than that for a few weeks.

Well this last 2 weeks my lymphoma (cancer) has been playing up causing me a few issues including an enlarged spleen which is quite painful especially when trying to sleep.

I have also developed a nasty rash on my arms and buttocks which is also interfering with my sleep as well, both of these mean I am not getting enough quality sleep and feeling shattered throughout each day


These things have meant for the last 2 weeks I have been fairly lethargic and sedentary and last week I didn’t go swimming at all because I really wasn’t feeling up to it.

This being sedentary is partly what caused me to become overweight in the first place 😯 so as above I really wasn’t expecting that much this week.

A pleasant surprise

Even though I haven’t been feeling too great I have still kept up my sensible eating and have attempted to slightly reduce the portion size each meal. so at my weigh in I was expecting either no change or a bit of a gain because of the lack of exercise.

Well look at that! it’s actually a loss and I have finally broken that 87kg barrier.

No longer obese

My BMI is now 29.9 and that means I am no longer regarded as obese just overweight.

So once again things are heading in the right direction and I am losing around 1Kg per week

My aims.

At the start of this diet, and here’s a reminder of what I did weigh and the losses I have made in the last 12 weeks.

My aims were simple to get back down to the weight I have been most of my adult life of around 75Kg and to do it without actually going any sort of special diet, just eating the everyday things I did eat but with a few changes.

Drastically cut my alcohol consumption, it was 25-35 UK Units per week it’s now less than 5 units per week.

Stop eating takeaway junk food, again this has been drastically cut down, I still get the occasional one, but not like before sometime 5-6 times a week.

The “no diet” diet.

It was bad habits and being sedentary that caused me to balloon to over 100Kg so I figured to get back to where I was all I had to do was changed the habits and exercise more.

So far it’s working and I am still eating nice tasty food and not rabbit food.

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