The woody diet week 10

I seem to have reached a plateau

I seem to have reached 86KG and plateaued at that weight, I have been hovering between 86-87Kg for 2 weeks now.

I am still eating more or less what I have been eating during my diet and I am still doing roughly the same amount of exercise but I just can’t seem to get below 86Kg.

I am very reluctant to try eating less because I am already at around 1200-1300 calories per day now and If I go lower I am getting into malnutrition territory.

Maybe I need to increase my exercise more? that’s going to be hard because already the amount I am doing is on the edge of what I am physically capable of.

I started a “Fresh start” gym program 2 weeks ago and from this week apparently the working out really starts ( the previous 2 weeks were medical screening week 1 and induction week 2, induction was more about showing me the warm up and cool down exercises and what each machine does more than the actual working out)

Carbs or Calories?

This is something my partner has mentioned, she thinks I am concentrating too much on calories and not enough on my carbohydrate intake and that I should be reducing the carbs more.

It been suggested that I replace all the bread I usually eat with either crackerbread or crispbread. I guess then that’s going to be my week this week, getting a better workout at the gym and trying to reduce the carbs as much as I can.

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