The Woody diet update 1

Someone either told me or I read somewhere you shouldn’t weigh yourself everyday and the fluctuations can be misleading. So I don’t, I do it once a week on a Friday.

Sept 11 2021 I was admitted to hospital quite seriously ill and during the course of that stay they weighed me.


Yes 103KG!!! to say I was shocked is a complete understatement and I made them weigh me again just to check as I was sure that was a mistake.
It wasn’t, I actually weighed 103KG.

In September 2019 I was discharged from hospital after having pneumonia and they weighed me at 74kg.
I am 168cm tall, small to medium build and my ideal weight should be around 64kg

74kg to 103kg how the hell did that happen?

It happened because of a combination of things all happening at the same time.
Early 2020 we got hit with the Covid-19 pandemic and we went into lock down meaning I wasn’t working so I wasn’t as active as I normally was and at the same time my cancer decided to come back meaning among other things my fatigue levels were quite high.
My illness meant I was clinically extremely vulnerable so I had to “shield” which more or less meant being a prisoner in my own home and not going anywhere or seeing any one.

As well as my cancer getting worse my bronchiectasis was also getting worse and the combination of symptoms from these 2 diseases meant not only was I constantly tried but I was also extremely short of breath and couldn’t even walk more than 20m without becoming a Gasping sweating wheezing heap and it meant if I had to go anywhere that involved walking more than 20m I had to use my electric wheelchair.

This in activity meant the kilo’s were piling on, I also brewed my own beer which is a very dangerous thing because beer is “empty” calories basically just body fat in a glass and even if I say so myself my beer was delicious so I found myself drinking 2 pints a day of it.

Towards the end of the year it was obvious that my illnesses meant I couldn’t work so I made the decision to retire early.

My eating habits were appalling, if I got up early I would either have a McDonalds Breakfast or an entire packet of crumpets (6) smothered in butter, I would eat takeaways 2-3 times a week varying between fish n chips, Chinese food and fried chicken.

Every manner of processed food I would eat and white bread well for lunch sometime I would have an entire French stick sliced and buttered filled with full fat cheese and ham.

Chocolate, crisps, biscuits, heavy deserts like suet pudding covered in syrup, anything and everything that was bad for me, bad for me weight I ate. A large doner kebab and chips is nearly 4,000 calories and sometimes I would have 2 of these a week meaning some days I was eating upwards of 5000 calories with no exercise.

One of my worst bad things that I did is that I would clear my plate each meal. Instead of stopping when I was full I would just carry on until the plate was cleared.

All change

Being 103kg shocked me, it shocked me to my very core that’s almost twice the weight I should be and not only that it was really affecting me so something had to be done.

I can’t stand diets, not only is the food bland and tasteless it’s also quite expensive and normally means a lot of a fucking around to prepare as well.

So I decided I am going to do this may, the Woody way.


How to do it well the first thing I had to work out was how I got to 103kg once I had done that all I had to do was to reverse it.
Easier said than done because reversing the bad habits mean a some serious and major lifestyle changes for me.

beer and fast food I love both of these but they have to go and TBH drinking 2-3 500ml cans every night is well in excess of the 14 units per weeks the U.K. chief medical officer recommends as a maxim, my weekly consumption was 24-30 units.
So no beer for me then, well that’s not strictly true, I mate we are old friends almost 40 years we have been friends and for many years at least 20 he would come round here one night a week and we would have a boys night where we drank beer, ate junk food and generally put the world to rights by mostly talking complete shit.
I decided that this would be my “blow out” day each week and would be the one day where I would drink beer and I would eat junk food.
But not at the levels I did before, an absolute maximum of 2 cans ( or bottles) of beer and small portion of chicken and chips. This is what I have stuck to, the rest of the week I don’t drink beer or eat junk food.

I did get in some alcohol free beers which taste quite nice however they still have empty calories in them around 1/3 of the amount full fat beer does so drinking too many of them wasn’t really an option.
I love fizzy drinks (sodas) Pepsi being my favourite so I moved over to Pepsi max which is actually quite nice and I also moved to no added sugar fruit squashes

Water intake, I very rarely drank water on it’s own but now when I fancy a beer I get a 150ml glass of water instead, I have also taken to drinking 150ml before each meal which makes me feel fuller earlier, my new average water intake per day is around 2 ltrs.
Tea and coffee have never been an issue because I drink both black without sugar but I have moved to decaf coffee.

White bread.. out Butter replaced with butter blends which are much lower in fat, Crispbread like Ryvita replace sandwich bread and the fresh bread we have is wholemeal.

Dairy, massive cut down here, milk is now semi skimmed cheese and cheese spreads will all be the low fat type.

Main meals, mostly home prepared and cooked with grilling replacing frying, lots of white fish, hand and chicken which are all lean meats.
Very little processed food, smaller portions and stopping eating when my stomach tells me I am full.

Another change is that I would have 3 large meals per day now I am having 4 smaller ones., 3 main meals and a very light supper.


That’s the hard one with my lung condition being the biggest hold back, I can just about walk 30m if I really push myself and that’s exactly what I am doing once an hour every hour I am awake I am doing a slow 30m walk on the treadmill.
This may not seem like much but when you consider that for the last 2 years most of my time has been spent sitting on my arse it’s a massive improvement. My aim here is to get to 50m once per hour.

I also have a E-Bike (Electric bike) which is a pedal bike but with an electric motor to assist, with the assist on maximum it actually requires very little effort from me and I am going to get out on it more, I have been out just once this week on it and managed to do 3.46km. I actually get more exercise getting out of the shed where it’s locked up that I currently do riding it. 🤣 But again I have a target of 16km 3 times each which wether permitting is my aim.

Calorie counting.

I am going to be using the “Myfitnesspal” app to count my calories with a target of 1800 calories per day, I don’t actually trust the apps meal calorie count especially when i t comes to things like homemade meals which we will be having a lot of, but I guess as a guide it’s going to be better than nothing at all.

Is it working?

Sept 13th 2021 was the day that I decided to change my life, when I was weighed on this day and they said I was 103kg that was a metamorphic moment I had to stop doing what I was doing and completely turn things around.

Thanks to the power of technology, smartwatches, cell phones and apps I can keep an accurate record of everything that’s going on.

Sept 21st

Sept 24th

1st Oct

8th Oct

So Far so good.

I am very happy with what I have lost so far but nI don’t expect this rate to be sustainable and I expect it to slow down to 1-2kg per week which I will be happy with.

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