The Woody diet, a typical lunch

By changing what I eat I was able to lose 13kg (2 stone or 28.6lbs) in just 3 weeks.

Lunch before might have been a Big Mac meal or an traditional English fry up or maybe an entire french stick made into ham and cheese

Whatever it was it would have been loaded with calories 700-1500 depending on which meal and the traditional fry up would have been around 1500 calories, that’s a whole days calories allowance in a single meal.

The new lunch

3 slices of normal Ryvita crispbread spread with Primula cheese n ham spread and a portion of plum tomatoes followed by mandarins in jelly, homemade in the sort of open a can of mandarins (in juice, not syrup) make up a sachet of Robinsons instant jelly, add the mandarins and stick it in the fridge.

Total calories 228 and it was quite filling

For breakfast this day I had 2 buttered crumpets 271 calories

This leaves me just about 1000 calories for my evening meal and supper so I can “pig” out a little tonight.

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