The “Wall”

What’s this 15.5mph wall I keep reading about?

Actually that’s a rhetorical question I know what this “wall” is. Apparently it’s when pedal assistance stops on an E-bike they then become much harder to pedal.

My own experience doesn’t bear that out because once you are at 15.5mph and the motor cuts out all the hard work has already been done to get you to that speed all you have to do is maintain or increase on it and as you are already rolling it’s quite easy.

Some have described this wall as it’s like someone has just grabbed the bike are are trying to pull you back. It also appears to me that it’s only only the more expensive bikes £3k and up E-bikes this seems to happen to.

As I said my experience doesn’t bear this “wall” out so the cynic in me thinks it’s drama queens trying to make a csse for an increase in the legal limit.

The reverse is that they are proudly telling people that their £3k+ bike is rubbish above 15.5mph…I really don’t think that they realise what they are actually saying.

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