The stuff I buy online

I shop loads on Amazon and some on ebay.

Getting stuff delivered is far easier than going out, so here’s a list of the sometimes random things that I buy online.

4 June 2021

I will be making some glasses cleaner to keep my glasses clean and this is what I spray the solution from.

3 June 2021

A video light because again the usual company want me to test it, they will refund me when I have left the review.

An automatic air freshener, this is for the downstairs toilet because my poo really, really stinks and at this price its cheaper to buy the whole system than a refill

Garden rubble sacks because we are attempting to make the back garden look less like a jungle

Because every household needs this.

A handlebar mirror for my E-bike.

1 June 2021
I bolted a cycle stand to my concrete drive but the bolts I used were too short to make it as secure as I would like so I ordered longer ones.

31 May 2021

I have had my favourite beer bottle opener for years, but I have put6 it down somewhere and I am damned if I remember where so I have had to buy a new one, I thought I would also get a keyring one as well because I needed one on holiday.

22 May 2021

I am going away for a few days soon and will be taking my laptop and I just realised I don’t have a portable card reader for the card my cameras we are going to use.

Checked to see what leads and adaptors I had, the last time I was away was Dec 2019 and it was to Teneriffe.
All my adaptors are EU plugs I had no UK USB plug adaptors, I also needed another USB C lead as my phone in 2019 wasn’t USB C

21 May 2021

A while back I signed up with a company to review their products and every couple of months they ask me to buy a product, review it and then they will refund me.
They asked me to review this webcam

It’s that time of year isn’t it? I hate flies buzzing round in my room and I especially hate wasps as they are twats.
So I need fly and wasp killer.

I love Bovril, absolutely love it, this is a 3 month supply, around 200 cups.

20 May 2021

Because I can never find a pen to mark a hole when I need one and pens really don’t work that well in masonry.

18 May 2021

Weather forecast is for almost 2 weeks of rain so I need one of these and a way to attach it to the wheelchair

16 May 2021

See, random.

15 May 2021

I have been asked to review these for a company in the Far east, I have blogged about them here

10 May 2021

Every now and again I get a “hypo” these quickly sort that out.

I needed somewhere to store my meds but my shelves in my den are full

Some of the keys on my old keyboard stopped working


  1. I like to buy pointless shit online. Todays delivery was a had grip dynanometer simply because I just had to know my hand grip strength for no apparent reason other than curiosity.

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