The simple solution

I have spent an untold amount of time trying to solve an issue.

My green screen is this

Which is fantastic, easy to put up and take down and very useful BUT it’s only 1.5m wide which means that on my camera default zoom of 24mm the edges of the green screen are in the frame and the “clutter” in my room is visible.

I can’t “key” anything beyond the green screen out as it’s different colours to the green screen.

I solve this issue by zooming in until they are just out of frame, however this has the effect of making me look close to the camera and a couple of people have mentioned my videos would be better if I was further back from the camera (Are they trying to say I am am ugly? 🤣 ).


So like an idiot I have been exploring complicated and expensive options like getting another green screen so I had 2 behind me to double the length, making a painting an extension from wood or a very expensive wider green screen.

A revelation

I went to bed last night scratching my head as to how I could overcome this and then woke up this morning thinking about it as well.

Went on to Amazon and Ebay and frightened myself with the cost of mirrorless DSLR’s which are another possible solution. Soon gave that idea up though.
Then I stopped thinking about it and made a cup of coffee and BANG! like a bolt from above the solution came to me in revelation.

I already have the answer and it’s neither complicated nor does it cost any money. As it’s only my head and shoulders I am using then all I need to do is to crop the edges of the video to just inside the visible edges of the green screen in Premiere to remove them.

That way I because of not zooming in I am a decent way back from the camera.

Wasted time

I can’t believe I have wasted almost a week fretting on this issue when such a simple solution was right there in front of

What a cockwomble I really am 😂🤣😂

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