The making of a video #2

Getting the footage.

Luckily my job means I get to drive through what I consider to be the most beautiful city in the world.

To drive from my house to London Heathrow Airport via the shortest route which is 34 miles means driving right through the center of London, however that 34 miles actually take the best part of hours to drive because of London’s speed limits and it’s unique geography

The idea

As I stated in part #1 I had an idea, well the idea is to show some aspects of my city and village in time lapse, after if it takes me nearly 2 hours to drive through london showing a film in real time would take , well, 2 hours and they would just bore people rigid.

The equipment.

Ideally a HD camera and an image stabiliser system, except they cost mega £’ssss which I don’t have, I do however have a HD dashcam and my car has really good suspension, so there you go, that’s that done on the cheap.

The footage

So here you are, here is part of what I filmed today.
I think the most beautiful bridge in the world.

If you are familiar with London you can see from the clip what a difference “stay home and save lives” has made.
This is a warm Saturday afternoon in May and into the tourist season , normally this bridge would be absolutely packed with tourists and traffic and compared to that today it was the quietest i have ever seen it.

Steve Woodmore

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