The making of a video #1

All the gear but no clue.

This #COVID19 pandemic and the “social distancing” measures which are basically a “lockdown” in all but name gave me an idea.
This is a very unique time in history we are living through and dare I say it but a time that will change the way the do things.
Well I feel the need to archive it through my eyes so I thought I would make a video about it and that’s where the fun starts.

I have the equipment for taking video’s, an Osmo pocket 4k 3 axis gimbal camera

I also have my Samsung Galaxy S9 which will record HD video and a SMOOTH-C 3 axis gimbal
Gimbals mean I can record smooth fluid shots without any jerkiness, they stabilise the image making hand held shooting a breeze.

As well as various lights, tripods, selfie sticks and microphones.

The Idea

I want to record the streets of London especially my home town as they are during this lockdown so that future generations can look back and see what it meant.

I have already recorded some footage and I have a good idea of what else I am going to record then I am going to put it all together into a video.

The reality

Ah the reality of making a video, if you believe Youtube, anyone can become an expert video maker in a matter of seconds, the actual reality is that the vast majority of video makers on Youtube have some grounding, mainly through schools/colleges/Universities, in media studies and communication, I went to school in a age where a polaroid camera was considered a miracle.. a what? a camera that allowed you to take and develop an instant picture, something we take for granted today but 45 years ago was considered incredible science.
So I have none of this experience or grounding so I really have to start from the very beginning.

The beginning

Putting it all together is an important part of making a video and I am completely clueless about that, well not completely, I do have Adobe Premier which I use to chop about my dashcam footage but I have never used it for more than that.
So for the last week I have been watching every single thing on youtube about Premier and reading up what I can, it’s a mammoth learning process for me.

The idea spawns a new idea.. a “sub idea”

“Sub idea” is that even a thing? if it isn’t it is now, so what’s this “sub idea”? simple really I thought I would make a video about making a video.
Why? why not? it eases the boredom and you never know it might help someone else.

The story so far

I have got as far as learning how to make opening titles and transitions, this is probably simple basic stuff to anyone that’s been to school in the last 20 years but like I said I am learning from the ground up, so how have I done?

Let’s have a look.

It’s a start, there’s a few things I want to change, that music for start but getting music is another week’s worth of learning so for now we are stuck with that, anyway this is as far as I have got.

Steve Woodmore

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