The great reboot.

The great plague, the great fire, the great famine, the great war. All defining moments in our history

Now in March 2020 we find ourselves living through another of these “greats” this one I am calling “The Great Reboot” because that’s basically what we are doing, closing society down and rebooting it at some point in the future.

Most people are thinking of the here and now and I suspect that they really haven’t given much thought to the fact they are living through one of history’s great defining moments. Yet we are, this is how the “Great Reboot” will be seen in the years to come, how we act and get through this will be analysed by historians for a millenia, how will they view us and the actions we took?

Will they liken the panic buying of toilet rolls to to the killing of cats during the great plagues? Will they see us a poorly educated populus exhibiting panic first over reason? Is that possible? yes, yes it is because that’s how we look back over some of these other great defining moments in history.

Do people even understand that they are participants in a such a momentous moment in human history? How will the world of 100 years from now see us and our actions?

These are the questions this “Great Reboot” makes me ask.

Steve Woodmore

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