The great beer con

This is what I am drinking tonight.


I do like to try all different beers, never really thought about Japanese beers.
This isn’t too shabby, it is however brewed in Italy by Peroni which I think is a con.
There are so many beers that do that now claim to be one thing but in reality aren’t.

It’s all about the water

The beer I drank yesterday Doom Bar

Doom Bar

This has “Rock Cornwall” all over it and “Sharp’s Brewery Cornwall” all over but it’s only when you turn it over and read the small print do you discover it was actually brewed in another county almost 300 miles away from Cornwall.

The single biggest ingredient in beer is water, that’s what beer is alcoholic flavoured water, the Asahi I am drinking it’s made with Italian water which tastes different to Japanese water.

Doom Bar is made with Staffordshire water which tastes different to Cornish water. Others that do this are San Miguel brewed in UK supposed to be Spanish, Corona brewed in UK supposed to be Mexican. It’s the water that makes the difference in the taste.

When I am Spain the San Miguel there is a cracking drink, when I am home the San Miguel here is ok but not as nice as the Spanish one and they claim it’s brewed to the same recipe so the only difference can only be the water.
I really do feel that this is a con and false advertising.
I know why it’s done, it’s done to save money, it’s cheaper to brew domestically than it is to import but I feel conned I really do.

I purchased what I thought was a Japanese beer, it looked Japanese, the writing on the label looked Japanese, in fact everything prior to purchase lead me to believe this was an authentic Japanese beer.
Drinking wise it was ok but nothing to really make it stand out from most other commercial beers, I may buy it again but It had left (terrible pun) a bitter taste in my mouth and left me feeling conned.

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