The fuel crisis

Sept 2021

Here we are late September 2021 and we are in the middle of a fuel crisis, apparently we have plenty of fuel but it’s just not getting to the forecourts fast enough for current demand.

Why now? why this demand? well I personally believe the media have driven this situation by reporting constant scaremongering and using words like “panic” and “shortage”, they are also going up and down the country and reporting on the long queues for fuel, they are in fact not “reporting” this crisis but are instead driving it.


Everyone who has queued and got fuel believe that they have a very valid reason for getting it, everyone that hasn’t got fuel thinks all those that have are selfish idiots.
It’s an irony because when you see someone on social media saying this crisis is caused by selfish idiots and you ask “Just who are these these idiots then?” they are unable to answer.

People are strange. The media in this country is out of control and have long stopped just reporting the news and are instead making it.

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