The Doors


No, not the rock group, these doors

7 months ago we had new carpet fitted in the hallway and dining room and was higher than our existing carpet which meant some doors wouldn’t close so they had to be taken off until I either cut or planed them until they would go over the carpet.

My house was built in the 1930’s and these were the original doors so we decided that we would get some nice new doors and that’s exactly what we did, got the nice new pine doors in the picture above.

Looking silly without a door

lymphoma and fatigue

The problem was at about the same time my cancer started to come back which meant not only did I feel like shit but I also had constant and overwhelming fatigue.

The fatigue is overwhelming, it’s so bad that even though you have had a good 8 hours sleep overnight you wake up feeling absolutely shattered and you need to ‘nap throughout out the day, sometimes in my case as many as 4 times a day 😲 This meant some days I would get 12-14 hours sleep and still be absolutely exhausted. I would also spend my waking hours feeling like I was walking through treacle.

As you can imagine fitting doors was not something that I was really up to doing especially as I mentioned before that my house was built in the 1930s, this meant the ‘standard’ door size was in imperial feet and inches and now in 2021 the ‘standard’ door size is in metric meaning the new doors would need trimming to fit in the existing frames.


The other issue with my cancer returning is that it leaves me with a weakened immune system and, call mr Mr Lucky here, I have another incurable and chronic disease, which with an already weakened immune system causes me to get a lot of infections in my lungs.

Not only can I not breathe too well the infections mean any sort of exertion leaves me in a gasping, wheezing and sweating state literally unable to do anything.

So the doors got put against a wall until I was “well” enough to do them.

Getting nagged

Of course not having the doors on meant my partner would every now and again mention it and ask when I was going to do something about the doors or if I wasn’t going to do it then get someone in who would.

I like doing D.I.Y. I like fitting doors it’s something I have done before and I have all the tools needed to do it, so I kept saying I would do it it when I was fit enough except I didn’t improve and went downhill so much that once again, for the 3rd time now I am on chemotherapy, TBH doors were the least of my worries.

The weather changed.

So here we are in October ans the weather has changed, the nights are drawing in and temperature is dropping, one  thing about doors is that they help to regulate temperature in the house and without them any time the front or back door was opened a blast of cold air would enter the rooms that had no doors on them and lower the temperature.

This meant I really needed to do something about the doors and I am really not up to doing it myself whilst I am on treatment.

Silly quotes.

Quite often on Facebook I see memes or inspirational quotes trying to persuade people that local is best and instead of giving money to national chains always try and support your local tradespeople. And that’s exactly what I did, I tried to support local tradespeople, I am a member of 2 local community groups for my area and in both of them I put a post seeking someone who could come ad fit the doors for me.

Now I have always considered Facebook to be land of silly people who live in fantasy worlds  so not much shocks me about what people are like on Facebook, I had a few responses to my posts almost instantly and I started to read them.

First one was quoting £150 per door WTF! how much?  I posted back asking if he had made a mistake as I only wanted the doors fitted and not gold plated. He posted back that the rate was correct and that he was a skilled tradesman with a family to feed, I have no issues with that, people need to earn a living and I am all for hard work feeding your family but I draw the line at paying to send them on a 5 star world cruise… £150 to fit a door!!!!!! 

All the rest of the quotes came back at between £75-£100 per door and when I queried those prices I was told “That’s the going rate” yeah well it can just keep on going, those are silly stupid prices and I cannot believe people actually pay them.

Like I said Facebook is the land of silly people and these were among the silliest I had come across with those prices.  So much for trying to support local tradesmen.

So I went to one of the bigger hire a builder websites, mybuilder.com and posted my ‘job’ requesting quotes. Within an hour I had a response from G.M. Doors quoting £40 per door, that’s more like it so I accepted the quote and hired them to fit my doors.

We have doors

George turned up at 8:30am sharp on the agreed day and straight away started to fit the doors, a very pleasant young guy, very polite and very efficient.

Within 2 hours he was done, the doors were trimmed, hinges and furniture fitted to them and fitted into the frames. He also cleared up any mess he made.

Very impressed with the quality of the work and the speed of it.

I also had a slight issue with another door that wouldn’t shut properly and asked George if he wouldn’t mind having a quick look at it and he was happy to, and straight away he went at it with gusto and within 30 mins after some adjustments and trimming the door shut perferctly.

He charged me £80 the agreed price for the 2 doors he fitted and another £20 for the door he fixed.

All in all I was extremely happy with the work and considered £100 well spent.

In days of old

I was however still a bit peeved that I hadn’t been able to do the work but thats just one of the things cancer has robbed me of, self suffiencey and I fucking hate it for taking that away from me.

I guess this is now the future, having to pay others to do the jobs I so easily could have done myself.


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