The back garden

In 2007 we had an extension built which actually meant that since then the only access to the back garden is through the house.
This has never really been an issue for me until this year.
I really struggle to even walk to the middle of the garden and doing any work on the garden is a total nightmare, it really needs to be wheelchair accessible for me to get into it more, currently it isn’t as my wheelchair can’t make the turn in the kitchen needed to get out the back door and even if it could then there is a large drop to overcome.

In this post https://www.woodmore.co.uk/doing-the-gardens/ we actually start to clear the jungles, first the front and then attempting the back which is the hard one.

This is what we have to clear and tidy. After 2 days hard work from the pair of us we got this done.
It just takes me so long with my lung condition as I have to keep stopping to catch my breath every few minutes, what would take a healthy person a few hours takes me 7 or 8.

That’s all we could manage in a day.
As we approached the weekend some of my kids and grand kids offered to come over and help and wanted a BBQ in grandads garden so we cleared the BBQ area then the mob arrived and my grandson worked his little socks off clearing part of the top of the garden.

A good time was had by all, we managed to get the BBQ going and ended the day with a massive bonfire to burn everything we had cleared.

The next day the 2 of us started at the top and we both worked our hardest and managed to clear the area by the back door however we didn’t get as much done as we’d have liked because I didn’t feel too good.

It turns out I might have overdone things because I have come down with a major bronchiectasis exacerbation which knocked me off my feet for a few and also meant I had to take my “rescue pack” part of which is doxycycline. Doxycycline is an anti-biotic that has a side effect of increasing skins sensitivity to sunlight, so not only do I now feel like shit I can’t even go out in daylight until the exacerbation has passed. ???????? so more work on the gardens for now.

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