That’s my cancer treatment finished

Follicular Lymphoma

After just 4 rounds of Rituximab in a month, it’s normally a 6 or 12 month regimen

Had my 4th round of Rituximab today at the treatment suite of my local hospital, went really well, all done and dusted in under 3 hours.

After they had removed the cannula I asked when my next appointment was.

“Your consultant has cancelled the rest” was the answer to my question.

So I am not sure what’s going on there, I did have an awful negative reaction to the lenalidomide (revlimid) and had to stop that.

The reaction included massive drop in blood pressure as low as 78/50, nausea, vomitting, acute spleen pain, swollen right leg and very, very painful calf muscles.

3 times we tried it, first at 20mg daily, then 20mg every other day then 5mg daily. Each time the reaction was the same the only difference being with the lower doses it took a bit longer to happen, 1 time was 3 days on 20mg and down to 7 days on 5mg.

So where do I go from here? I really don’t know, but I have an appointment with my haematologist in 3 days time to discuss my treatment options.

With my other health conditions they have said in the past I am too “delicate” for RCHOP or RBenda regimens, so I’ll guess we’ll see what other options ( if any, and that’s the worry) they offer me later this week.

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