TFL’s £1.3bn Black Hole

TFL, more specifiably Mayor Khan are constantly whinging about their £1.bn “black hole” in financing.

Mayor Kahn I have a partial solution, TFL are supposed to enforce red routes, bus lanes and bus stops, but you only do this going in towards the centre and only on certain roads, well here’s the thing because you don’t really enforce it out in the ‘burbs the great British public has taken this as a sign to mean they can stop at Bus stops, drop off and pick up at bus stops (PHV’s are a nightmare for doing this) and generally ignore the rules.

How to stop this and make money without spending loads?

The answer is very, very simple, so simple you have completely missed it.

Use the CCTV on buses to enforce the rules, that’s right, use what you have.

A broad yellow line at a bus stop means unless you are a but, no stopping, double red lines mean no stopping during the hours of restriction, bus lanes mean you can’t enter them during hours of operation.

I notice you have now made many bus lanes 24hrs but don’t enforce them, well use what you have, use the cameras on buses, they all have them, you make such a fuss about them on the buses, so use them.

Don’t whinge if you aren’t willing to do something.

Don’t whinge and whine at government asking, no begging, for them to help you if you can’t be bothered to do something yourself.

Enforce the rules that you should already be enforcing especially at bus stops and traffic in the ‘burbs really would flow better.

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