Taxi Vs Private Hire

London’s Black taxi drivers hate Uber and by association hate Uber drivers. The thing is they’ve always hated the minicab (Private hire) trade, in fact some of the most ridiculous rules imposed on London’s Private Hire drivers are as a direct result on the London Taxi associations lobbying.
Anyway that’s by the by, take it as a give there is no love lost there.

The same “hate” exists among private hire drivers, they hate each other and will stab each other in the back at any available opportunity. this COVID-19 pandemic should be bring people together in a time of national crisis, but instead it’s just inflamed the Taxi vs Private hire vs private Hire wars even more with each side using it and the subsequent government help measures as a big stick toi beat each other up with up. Taxi’s are claiming a superiority because they have a partition so it’s Private Hire that are spreading the virus and everyone is attacking everyone over how much they earned and how much they declared they earned.

This is such a shame because if they put as much energy into uniting and finding a way to help people suffering in this crisis as they do into fighting each other then a lot of lives could be made easier and maybe even saved.

Steve Woodmore

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