Take it easy and relax

So I started a hobby

When the covid pandemic hit us in March 2020 I was forced to give up work and retire early. I have a blood cancer ( Follicular Lymphoma ) and a serious lung condition ( Bronchiectasis ) either of these conditions on their own make it very dangerous for me if I catch covid and having both means I am seriously at risk, Clinically Extremely vulnerable they call it.

Now here’s the thing about retirement, especially as in my case not only can I not work but I also have to “shield” as well meaning I am in a sort of self imposed prison in my house, anyway after a few weeks of that I got bored shitless, all I did all day was watch TV, play computer games and stagnate. Not good at all so I started to do some of those DIY jobs around the house but in April 2020 my cancer came back with a vengeance and it meant even doing simple things round the house would leave me exhausted and everyone kept telling me to take it easy and relax..pah! I can only take so much boredom so I decided I needed hobby


I decided I would go back to modelling, no not that modelling I really wouldn’t look good in a bikini and I don’t have a “six pack” in fact my shape could be regarded more as a keg than 6 pack.

I meant making up kit models from the likes of Tamiya, Revell and Airfix etc.

This is something I used to love doing when I was younger and I found it to be very relaxing. Luckily I still have a lot of the stuff that I used like my airbrushes and compressor. I wouldn’t say I was any good at building them I just muddle along and do the best I can and of course enjoy myself doing it.

Metal kits.

While I was searching eBay and Amazon for a kit to build I came across some all metal kits, this is something I have never done before and the idea of them fascinates me. I purchased a “pack” of 6 kits and I have already started building the first one which is a model of the battleship USS Missouri, a very famous ship as it’s the ship that Japan signed their surrender on in Tokyo harbour.

Tiny and fiddly

I am not sure what scale this one is, I think it might be 1/50 but I do know all the little bits are really tiny and fiddly and my eyesight isn’t what it was, but like I said I kept a load of my stuff from my earlier time and can get round it.

5x magifier.


I am also going to video the builds as I go along and put the video on YouTube. My hands aren’t as nimble as they were and I have arthritis in both of my thumbs meaning I have to take painkillers before the start of each session and cover them in Voltoral and even doing this I can only do an hour or so at a time before the pain becomes too much.

Progress so far

3 days in and this is where I am with the first model I have about 35% of the superstructure built.


I’ll update you as I get along with this kit.

When I built from kits before I favoured Tamiya kits especially their 1/12th scale motorbikes so I going to get a kit and start building them again but first I need to prtactice several things like sticking them together and sparying them.


Revell is another brand I have enjoyed building in the past and they do some really basic cheap military vehicle kits around the £8 mark.
They aren’t the largest or even the most detailed kits but will do for a starting point and practice before I get onto the Tamiya ones

I’ll update you as I get along.

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