Splish splash, I went swimming.

I went #swimming for the first time in over 15 years.

I used to love swimming when I was younger and even if I say so myself I was a very powerful and good swimmer, I can do all the strokes and I used to swim 3 miles every day before school.

However, that was many, many years ago and the years haven’t been that kind to me, I got old, I got overweight, in fact I am obese and I got ill.

Cancer and bronchiectasis have taken their toll on me meaning I have really limited mobility so I am just not as fit as I used to be nor am I as fit as someone of my own age, 61.

Getting nagged.

The Doctors and nurses at the hospital have been constantly nagging me about my “core strength” and how I need to maintain it, the thing is there really isn’t very much exercise I can do and one of them suggested swimming as it’s very low impact but at the same time it’s a whole body workout.

Ok I can do that, I think I can anyway.

So I joined a gym and today went swimming for the first time.

I loved it, I forgotten how much I enjoyed it, I got in the pool at the shallow end and off I went… BIG MISTAKE.. I shot off at a pace I was probably doing 40 years ago and after a length and half I was gasping for breath and I had to swim to the side to get me a ventolin puffer.

Once I had got my breath back I finished the rest of the length at a snails pace, a pace as it turns out would allow me to do a few more lengths.

I was in the pool for just under an hour and in that time did 31 mins of swimming, not much and not far, worked out at 225m but for me it was a massive achievement and something I am going to be doing on a regular basis.

Swim stats

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