Sorely tempted to break my diet

Whilst driving my partner to work this evening on the radio was an advert for McDonalds.

Now the thing about diets, well in my case, is that I am always bloody hungry and this advert really didn’t help I had an urgent craving for a large big mac meal and to top it off I have to drive past 1 and very close to another McDonalds on my way back home.

This has always been my downfall with previous diet attempts, I give in to the growling in my stomach.

But this time I am really, really serious and I just drove on by.

When I got home I saw that i still had 400 calories for the day to play with so instead of a Big Mac Meal I had 3 Tesco Original Crispbread lightly spread on the flat side with Primula Cheese n ham and followed by a Muller Banana and choco flakes crunch corner.

Total 299 calories which means I have come in it at 1399 calories for today.

calories in the large big Mac meal I was tempted to have a whopping 1320

1320 that’s almost an entires days calories allowance for me in a single meal and many times I would also get a quarter pounder with cheese to go with this meal, that’s another 518 calories.

1838 calories in a single meal! no wonder I got to be such a fat fucker.

Some days I would the day with a double sausage and egg McMuffin meal and end the day with a Big Mac meal and 1/4 with cheese with in-between these times probably having a lunch and an evening meal and I would probably was this evening meal down with 2-3 cans of beer

A conservative guess would be upwards of 4000 calories for that day.

But today I was good, I resisted the temptation and I am proud of myself.

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