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The instant secret to becoming an overnight Internet success

I don’t know what I am doing.

No, I really don’t, well not with social media anyway.
Take the Woody’s Place it’s only here because I own the woodmore.co.uk domain name and was using it just for my email but decided I might as well have a web presence for it.

I have a youtube channel but only because people tell me I should have one and I have had a Twitter account for over 11 years and still don’t have a clue what twitter is all about. I have instagram as well, another I really don’t have a clue about.
I have no idea what an influencer really does apart from wearing far too much make-up and that’s just the guys.

Do I need optimising?

I really have no idea, do I want to be optimised by search engines? do I actually want to be found?
Yes and no is the answer, helpful I know ????????

My facebook newsfeed and google searches are daily bombarded with ads for SEO software and services with some places charging stupidly high amounts of money per month to optimise and schedule. I have clicked through and looked at some and seen what they offer, some even curate content from all over the Internet to allow you to incorporate that into your only blogs which actually strikes me as the lazy way for people who don’t want to think.

But do I want this? well firstly I have to ask why is this site here and as explained above I own the domain so I might as well put it to some use. The software I sue, WordPress is free and the hosting package is only a few £’s per month so i thought I would stick a blog up.

Secondly my aims, Do I want to be an “influencer”? followed by 1000’s of people who hang on my every word? fuck no. If you follow and are influenced by me you’ll likely end up in deep shit.
Do I want to make money? doesn’t everyone? yes I would like to earn money but to do that means I have to commit. I have to commit to producing a steady stream on inane drivel based around each days trending topics and TBH life’s way too short for that.

The great secret

The great secret to be becoming an overnight Internet success is to spend lots of time and money to do it. You can thank me for telling you that later.

Me? well I will just muddle along writing about things I want to write about and writing for me and no-one else.
This of course might all change and I might decide to do something more dynamic but for now this is all about “me me me”.

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