Huawei GT2

Christmas treat to myself

I treated myself to this watch at Christmas last year because to be honest I was getting very annoyed with my Galaxy smartwatch, It wouldn’t hold it’s charge for more than about a day. This prompted to me to look for a different Smartwatch.


Well what I needed it do was tell the time, answer the phone, show me messages and track my health especially SPO2 which I have to monitor constantly.
It would also be nice if it could track steps, heartrate and any exercise should I do any.
I had looked at a lot of smartbands like Fitbit and my other half has the Honor band 4 which she seems to like and they are ok but I like a “proper” watch.
Having been really disappointed by the charge time of my Galaxy Smartwatch I set off to find one that would give me maybe 3 days between charges, a lot clamed exactly that then I read a few reviews and a lot stated the Huawei GT 2 would do 14 days between charges.


I am always sceptical about claims like how long something lasts for, it’ like cars that quote a MPG to get you buy it because of the economy but I have never been able to get close to the claimed MPG on min, 85 they claim and driving like Mother Theresa the best I can get is 70. I had the same scepticism about the claims made for the GT2 but it did do everything I wanted it to do and more, so off to Amazon I went and purchased one ( I love shopping on Amazon because I am prime member I get free same day or next day delivery on most things I buy and it something is rubbish, not as described or faulty you can send it back for a refund with no arguments)

Long life

The first thing that surprised me was just how long this watch will go between charges, they claim 14 days I averaged 8 days which believe me is exceptional for a smartwatch.
I have the truesleep and heartrate monitoring on 24/7 and I am sure if I turned them off I would get very to the 14 days they claim. But I am impressed with what I get from it, it’s so much better than my Galaxy one.


This monitors my sleep and it can be used to spot potential problems, for instance I am suffering from a lack of “deep sleep continuity” meaning my deep sleep is being interrupted, this is being investigates but more about that in another post.

Being able to monitor sleep and quality of sleep is great, the image is just for 1 day but it captures and stores data allowing you to look back at a day, a week view, a month view and a year view.

As you can see looking back over the year you can get your sleep pattern which in my case is showing I don’t get enough night time sleep and so tend to nap during the day to catch up.


You can manually check your blood oxygen levels with this watch and checking it against a dedicated pulse oximeter it’s actually extremely accurate

Again you can look daily, weekly, monthly or yearly at your stats, in this last Feb and this is when I last had a BX exacerbation and it’s quite noticeable that my SpO2 dropped as low as 87%, again like the trusleep app it can be used to highlight things that need investigating. in my case I know why I have low SpO2 and I have all i need here to deal with it.

Other stuff

The Huawei health app connections via blue tooth to your phone ( in my case an android one) and captures all the data the watch puts out including steps, heart rate, SpO2 exercise and stress levels, you can choose which to display and I only have a few displaying as I don’t use the others.
Weight isn’t captured by the watch but in my case I have the Huawei bluetooth scales which does capture it and loads it into the app.

There you go, this is my watch, this is why I chose it and why I love it.

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