Shaving and blades

I use a “traditional” safety razor, the type that takes double sided razor blades as per the main picture.

This is the razor I currently use

I like it because it’s a “butterfly” type meaning changing the blades are a doddle and it’s adjustable so I can change how close I shave.

I tried cartridge razors and I enjoyed the Gillette Mach III and the Dorco Pace 6 razors but TBH I found them both to be quite expensive to use.
Dorco works out around £3.90 per cartridge and Gillette around £1.70 per cartridge. I only get 4-5 shaves out of a cartridge which is a week so the costs add up compared to a safety razor.

Safety razor blades, double edged ones usually work out at around 1p or less per blade and a blade will last me 4-5 shaves so already there is a considerable saving over a cartridge razor.

Dorco Pace 6 handles ( if you can find somewhere that sells them on their own) works out at £5 each and Gillette mach 3 are around £6 each. You can get unbranded safety razors for around £5 each as well. and I have 2 cheapo’s which actually shave quite nicely but I do prefer an adjustable one.

The Weishi is around £20 but it will last years and you can tell the quality of it by the look and the feel and unlike cheaper ones it is a butterfly type and adjustable.
Why adjustable? well it depends on the how long I leave it between shaves, if it’s a daily shave then I have it on the highest setting which gives me the closest shave, but if I haven’t shaved for a few days I don’t want that setting because if you are cutting through a decent growth you really want to do it in 2 passes or you’ll end up with shaving cuts everywhere, 1st pass i shave with it on a low setting to trim the fuzz close then reset it to a high number and really shave close.

Having tried all sorts of cartridge razors and fallen for all their claims of a close shave I am sorry but none of them, not even the Dorco 6 blade razor comes near to a safety razor for a close shave.

So for the closest shave and the best value for money a safety razor wins every time and even the Weishi at £20 will work out cheaper than the Dorco in just about 5 weeks of shaving


The razor handle is half the battle, the blades are the other half, the are literally dozens and dozens of different manufacturers to choose from with many of them doing 2,3,4,5 or more different blade models

Dorco Titan

Dorco Titan

I pay around £1.90 inc shipping for a pack of 10 and you can get cheaper prices for bulk deals. According to Dorco these are superior blades that are double coated to get smooth long last shaves. My experience of these is that I get around 6 shaves per blade before I start to feel the blade “dragging” which is the signal for me to change them.

RK blades

RK blades

I have never heard of these, I got a free pack of 10 when I purchased something else and TBH they are shit. I nicked myself several times, something I never do and they have given me a “razor rash” on one of my double chins.
I am tempted to just bin the other 9 but I might try another again when my chin is better just in case it wwas me and not the blade.

Derby Premium

Derby Premium

These are my “go to” blades, I love them.

You can actually get 5-7 shaves out of a blade however as they only cost inc delivery £5.99 /100 I use a new blade each time I shave.

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