A 4K walk around

Severndroog castle I guess is what some might call a “folly” an edifice built out of love, Follies are something us Brits do remarkably well.

This tower is located at the top of Shooters hill which is one of the highest points in London. The views across London from the top are spectacular, however due to COVID19 it’s currenlty closed to visitors.

A quick bit of history for you ,the Castle was built by lady James in 1784 although I suspect she didn’t actually build it herself but rather commissioned the building of it. It was built as a memorial to her late husband Sir William James and commemorates the battle of Severndroog.

It’s also my first attempt and both filming and editing in 4k, it’s a local landmark to me and I need to practice my skills so I thought I would do a short walk-around video.

For the Geeks

Filmed on an Osmo Pocket 3 axis gimbal camera in 4K @ 30fps. Edited in Adobe premier then encoded into H265 with a 15mb bitrate.

I’ve had this bit of kit for over a year now however because of illness and then the COVID-19 restrictions this is the first time I have ever used it, it’s also my first attempt at putting together a short movie. I have been spending the last 6 weeks just getting to grips with using Adobe premier.

Steve Woodmore

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