Ryobi one+

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Along with a respiratory issue I also have arthritis. 😭
This means starting Petrol powered tools is not an option any more for me so last year I gave them away to family and friends and have been slowly replacing them with battery operated ones.

The exception to this is my strimmer, I did buy a new petrol powered one however this one has an electric start, or rather an electric start gadget can be used with it. This starter was part of the Ryobi one+ system.


These were the first 2 Ryobi things I purchased, then I dropped my cordless drill and smashed the battery case, so I invested in a Ryobo one+ cordless drill, again a smashing bit of kit.

Since then I have added a weed sprayer, a reciprocating saw, a lopper, a lawnmower, a strimmer and a hedge trimmer.

Very please indeed with the Ryobi one+ system I also now have 4 additional batteries for it as well.

Steve Woodmore

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