We have a new toy.

And I love it.

Around 15 years ago I purchased what I guess was one of the 1st generation robot cleaners and to be honest I thought it was a bit shit and didn’t really do the job so it rarely got used and in the end we gave it away.

Neither me or my partner is getting any younger and vacuuming is one of those chores that takes quite a lot of effort and neither of us enjoy.

I started looking round at Robovacs a few months ago but coloured by earlier experience of them I was a bit reluctant to buy another one. However thanks to Facebook and Google who spam me with ads when ever I mention something and ad for a Eufy robovac came up.

They seemed quite good and had some very positive reviews. I love Amazon prime because if you buy something and it turns out when it arrived it’s a bit shit or not as described blah blah you can send it back for a refund so I thought “nothing ventured, nothing gained” and purchased one.

Oh my.

What a surprise, I was expecting another expensive piece of shit like the last one, how wrong was I? very wrong.

Once I had unboxed and charged it we set it off on a cleaning cycle, wow! impressevie it maaged to do 4 rooms , 2 with carpets and 2 with hard floors and it actually worked, it really actually worked, you could see where it had vacuumed and what I difference it made.

Even the missus was impressed, in fact she even named it “Sid”


Yes, she called the cleaner SID, no idea why or if it means anything but that’s her thing I guess.

SID connects to my Wifi and with the Android app I can set cleaqning schedules for SID and if SID has any issues while it’s cleaning like it’s gets stuck or a roller gets jammed it pings my phone on the app to let me know so I can go rescue it.

The thing I really love about it is that after it’s done a cleaning cycle it finds and puts itself onto the charging station to recharge.

We have set SID to clean once a day at 23:30 each day and it does it perfectly, a very good job and I am well happy with it.

My daily job now is just to empty SID which just takes a couple of minutes, so very much easier than fighting with a vacuum cleaner.

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