Raynaud’s syndrome

For many years now as soon as the air temperature falls below about 14c my fingers would start turn white and feel numb, the colder it got the worse it got.
2 years ago this also started happening with my toes as well.

6 Years ago I was diagnosed as having “Secondary Raynaud’s syndrome” what happens is that the arteries in my fingers and toes go into spasm and reduce the blood flow to the extremities.

This is very painful and the lack of bloodflow causes numbness which makes things very awkward as I couldn’t hold or grip anything.

I was prescribed nifedipine to ease the milder attacks and believe it or not Viagra for the more serious ones, both medications open the blood vessels, and before you ask, no, Viagra didn’t mean I was walking around with a raging hard-on, for that to happen you have to be sexually aroused as well and believe me when your fingers and toes are so painful you want to cry sex is just something you don’t even think about.

However today I noticed something, for the last 3-4 weeks the air temp has been around 12c during the daytime and falling to sometimes 1c at night but mostly around 6-8c, what I noticed was that I haven’t had a single attack of raynaud’s since the temp dropped,, right now it’s 6c and my fingers and toes are fine, no whiteness, no loss of feeling, in fact perfectly normal.


What’s happened? am I suddenly cured? has this horrible thing gone away all by itself? or has something changed?

Yes, yes, something changed, Jan 18th 2019 was the last time I had a cigarette, that’s what’s changed, giving up smoking almost a year ago has made this happen.

They say smoking restricts bloodflow, well yes it appears it did because my fingers are fine, wow, for the first time in many years I am not dreading cold weather anymore.

Of course once the air temp stays constantly below 10c as it does in winter things may change and my Raynauds may appear , but right now I’ll take what I have and thank my lucky stars it’s not happening right now, yet another reason i’ll never go back to smoking.

Steve Woodmore

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