Raja’s Reward IPA

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I started this kit 30th March, it’s an IPA (India Pale Ale), personally I am not a great lover of IPA’s and prefer the British style ales but my mate who comes round every Tuesday for a session keeps banging on about an IPA so I thought I would do one.

So after looking around I settled for a kit called “Raja’s Reward”. This is a 3kg kit which means the malt and fermentables are already combined and you don’t have to add anything except water and the supplied yeast and hops.

I live in S.E. London which means very hard, very chalky water which gives beer a “funny” taste so I tend to use bottled water ( I am fitting a water filter to the mains feed, more about that in another post) which comes from the supermarket, I don’t have a preference, it’s what ever I can get at the time. The kit also comes with some hop pellets in a “teabag” which you add halfway through the fermentation.

I started this on March 30th and the instruction state it’s ready after 7-8 days, now trust me on this, kits are very, very optimistic about when a beer is ready for racking, they do this because they know people are impatient and want it yesterday bit here is my golden rule for all kkit brewing leave it at least 7 days past the time the instructions tell you. Today is April 8th so according to the instructions it’s ready to rack into bottles, well that’s not happening.

What is happening is that I have sanitised my hydrometer and thrown it into the FV, stirred the wort a little and put the lid back on. What will happen now is that I will leave it for another 4 days then I will start to check the hydrometer reading. once it then stays at the same reading for 3 days running the wort is ready to be racked.

So check back in 4 days to see what happens.

Steve Woodmore

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