A friend of mine casually asked if there was any way she could listen to my live streams as a podcast.
My immediate answer was “no, I don’t think so” then I did a bit of research and I was quite surprised just how big Podcasts are.

So what I am going to do is once my livestream is available for download on YouTube (usually around 12 hours later) is to download it and convert the audio into MP3 format in Audacity.

I am storing the Podcasts on a host called “Podbean” which once all my accounts have been authorised will automatically upload them to Amazon, Google and Itunes Podcasts.

It should also in theory also post them to this website but that remains to be seen.

I am “simulcasting” the live stream (video) to Facebook, YouTube and Twitch all at the same time and after thinking about it, yes it makes sense to also Podcast it as well.

The one thing I am going to have to remember for future broadcasts is that they will be converted to an audio only Podcast so anytime I do anything visual I will have to explain it as well.

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